A Gallery of Expression

bustedIt’s apparent.  Blognasium is a bust at becoming a popular community website.

I created Blognasium as place for posting private community and family member archives. Extended family members are not yet attracted to the site. Therefore, Blognasium has not (yet) produced an active extended family or social community. That’s OK. Better to try and to lose than to not try at all. Naww…  not true, that just sounds good… Ha!

I understand. Many people today don’t seem to know, or if they do, don’t care about the loss of personal privacy with the likes of Facebook and other “social” postings. Blognasium has no "mission" or need to exploit members.

I coerced my adult children to register, and they occasionally check in. That's good. They know what's here. I agree, Blognasium is much too private and "special purpose" for everyday use. Facebook is where ALL the "friends" hang. Such is life in the 21stcentury.

I have abandoned the “Community” in the menu tab and will purpose Blognasium as a regular, but “Members” only blog, for family and private posting. Anyone, even YOU are welcome to register and join in as a member. That’s an official invitation.

The photo’s posted here are backed up in cloud storage (Amazon S3). If it’s anything, Blognasium continues as a secure archival family photo and history blog.