A Gallery of Expression

DSC09273 Been doing some head scratching, thinking, and wandering through the dimness of the deep woods. Why are there so many trees? I can’t see the forest!

 It’s the path I have taken with my 3D printing addiction. 

 I have been trying hard to change my bias about 3D printed Junque. Yeah, it’s a real bias. I scan through the ThingiverseGrabCADand now about 50 other places to get .stl files. At least 50% of what’s there is plastic Junque. Frivolous plastic trinkets. All those trees in the way.

 I admit, some of them are quite useful. So this additive method of making things will be with me for a very long time. (It’s really here to stay.) I am happy to be able to participate, being a part of it.

 For me to expand my three dimensional printing, I need some long term tangible purpose for the things I will create. Durable valuable objects. That’s a hard assignment for hobby level 3D printing.

 I have made many purposeful plastic items for personal use and application. A new hobby application for printed plastic has come to my consideration. 

I have always enjoyed building scale models of all types of things. I spent a lot of time in my childhood, assembling plastic model kits. Everything including battleships, airplanes, military battle machines, cars, scale model buildings for model railroads, and even railroad cars from plastic assembly kits. 

 Now with 3D printing, there is the possibility of making the plastic parts themself. From my own designs. No limitation to something that has been mass produced in a plastic injection mold. 

 So that is the basic spark. Scale models for display. Could be for diorama shelf display or a scale railroad. Any subject matter. Plastic models are a form of Junque, but less frivolous, a bonafide hobby.

 It is true. Scale models and miniatures are already being done by many 3D print enthusiasts. But that is a good application of the process. It’s a change in my thinking from trying to print one big solid object, to realizing the best models are made from many detailed parts, assembled as I did when I was a kid. A modular approach to scale model building.

 My first project is a large railroad caboose. (Large model of a small caboose.) Model railroads have always been a hobby interest for me, but this will not be the only subject matter. No limitations are intended.

 I thought of a blog name. Ramblin Dan’s 3-D Scale Model Parts. (RD3D SMP) The sky is the limit for designs. I’ll Fire up the CAD software and 3D printers and make kit parts, not just one piece models.

 Blognasium seems a good place for the display. Contributions welcome!