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MtDenaliI pumped some new blood into Blognasium. By that I mean I have decided to keep it living for awhile longer. Today (1/31/18) was going to be the day I took Blognasium off life support.

One application it handles well is photo storage. I dumped a few hundred more old photos into its system. Most are in the private Kautz group, only available to family members and friends within that group.


I placed my collection of Alaska pictures in the common area for anyone to peruse. They were taken by me back in 2002 on my construction project I manage with the FAA in Anchorage, Alaska. That was back in the high security days. I had some innocent job-site photos that the Feds called me up and said to take off-line. My bad… oops.  So, there is nothing concerning my project in any of these photos.

If you like rugged outdoor beauty, and earthquakes, Alaska is the place to find it. Also, very cold weather. I had an outstanding experience. Enjoy the pictures.

There are some great photos of Mt. Denali or if you prefer Mt. McKinley. Most of the time I was there (8 months) Denali was shrouded in clouds. I waited and watched the weather reports. When a huge high-pressure area settled in over central Alaska, I figured the mountain would be in the clear. I had already scouted out the best photo locations while it was in the clouds, so I knew just where to go to get these shots.

What’s Next

Not certain. I will continue adding photos. I may add new SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) or activities I like, if the mood strikes me. It is easier than building another stand-alone website. I have some features hidden for members only, but I won’t actively solicit members. Blognasium is just another blog, but open to contribution if desired.

Most of my friends have sold their souls to “FaceBloke” and surrendered all personal privacy. Identity thieves and government data collectors have a smorgasbord of information on everyone participating.

I would use FB only for a commercial or business billboard. FB was continuously harassing me to spend money on my KautzCraft page to “move it up” for better exposure. I understand. FB is just business. Back in the “old days” Ad-men sold space in the Phone book Yellow Pages using the same reasoning. The more you pay, the bigger and fancier the ad and the more business you would receive.

Blognasium is not trying to sell anything. I hope you just like to see what’s new from time to time. “Lurkers” are welcome. If you want more, join the community.

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